Jesus the Good Shepherd

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“Jesus the Good Shepherd”

I first learned of Jesus when I was twelve. It was my mother who told me his name and taught me how to pray. She said, “Never be afraid and if you are then pray to Jesus who will always protect you.” I trusted her words and loved Jesus the moment I heard his name.

That all changed in July of 1979 when my mother passed away in a tragic boating accident. I failed to understand her death and why Jesus had not intervened. I thought, “He no longer loves us.” I became bitter and rebelled. I reneged on his sacrifice and pledged my allegiance to Satan thereby committing the ultimate betrayal. I became the One Lost Sheep in the hands of Satan.  

Twenty-three years later commencing in May 2002 Karma came to visit and claimed reparation for all of my evil deeds. I suffered for seventeen months before finally coming to my senses in October 2003 where I begged God for his forgiveness. God was merciful and I spiritually converted away from sin through love. The enemy was furious and a ten year battle between the forces of good and evil erupted.  I was terrified for my life and put my faith in Jesus.       

During this period I was privy to the power of God and to the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven through countless miracles. If people only knew what I lived, they would finally know the TRUTH.

Gianni De Micco
The Messenger of God

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