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It is truly a humbling experience to be able to share with you all of the miracles and graces which Jesus has bestowed upon my life.  I hope that in reading this book it will bring you closer to God, who will give you the peace of Christ.   

This book would not have come to pass had it not been for the work of the Holy Spirit. I spent the first 2 1/2 years contemplating on how I was going to write this book.

Each time I tried to write this book my mind would turn blank as Satan ferociously planted the seed of doubt, by reminding me of my total unworthiness and all of my sins. I would sit at my desk for hours looking at an empty sheet of paper. It was a lost cause.

Then a miracle happened when I least expected it!!!!  

Jesus spoke to me and in an instant everything unblocked. I could not believe that I was having a conversation with God. I was in awe and in fear at the same time. It was a loving voice and there was no judgement.

My initial response to God who had instructed me to write his book was to become totally selfish in wanting to keep the graces to myself. Why did I have to share them? This was not pleasing to God as he said, "these are meant to be shared with the world".  

I agreed with God but there was still a linguering obstacle in my life:  the seed of doubt Satan had  planted in my mind. Who would believe a sinner that he had spoken to God? How was I to be sure myself? A voice in my mind is not proof, I told myself.

Jesus was not to be outdone in leaving one of his children poisoned so I received a second miracle that removed all doubt.  I now had all of my answers. But I was also terrified at the conclusion of this conversation as it finally sunk in that God had spoken to me. It is surreal to have a speck of dust speaking to the creator of the Universe. But I summoned my courage and made a promise to God that I would write his book.

It  took another 2 1/2 years to write the Lords book. In total it was a 5 year journey. Many of the miracles and graces I received from Jesus, I only truly understood them myself when I finally wrote the Lords book and looked at them as a complete picture of my life.   

God did have a plan for my life all along. I was not born into the abyss and fatherless. My father was indeed alive. He just hid very well. With my eyes now open I was able to see. What appeared odd and out of place when I was younger fit perfectly into the plan of my life when I became older. I had a destiny.

I can tell you that we are more than the body.  We are spiritual beings of love created in the image of God who is love. Our journey and purpose in this life is:  To LOVE.

We must love God with all of our heart, mind and soul, and we must love each other as we love ourselves. The entire gospel and teachings of Jesus rests on these two commandments. A refusal to love is at the root of all evil actions.  

Life's meaning rests on the fact that our life continues after death and everything we do in this life, big or small, matters to God.

May God Bless you. I thank-you for your trust in reading this book. Please share this good news with others.

             Gianni De Micco

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